Dental Implant Process

In the dental implant process, the first doctor will inject anaesthesia to the patient. Then the doctor will start pulling teeth. After the tooth is removed, the doctor will perform the drilling process at the location of the gums to which the Implant Teeth will be installed. Only then did the implant installation be done.

While the post-operative process has a different handling:

– If your circumstances require that you get general anaesthesia, then you should make sure that there is someone who will help you go home.

– You should also pay attention to your food especially in the early days.

– It takes three to nine months to restore the condition of your jaw after surgery. The length of time required varies depending on how long the process takes and how long you have to wait for bone growth in your jaw.

– After the surgery is complete, you do not have to worry if you feel pain in the location of implants, swelling and bruises on your skin and gums, as well as small bleeding at the location of the implant. This is a natural thing to happen after dental implant surgery.

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