Important To Avoid Mistakes In Writing Curriculum Vitae

New graduates or fresh graduates are usually anxious when they have sent more than 10 applications but did not get an interview call. The problem could be because the educational background is not in accordance with the requirements, or it could be because of the CV you create. Therefore, there are important things that you need to input into the CV so that your application is more prominent than other candidates. That way, chances are you will be called an interview will be more open. Currently, he has applied for a job online through Of the hundreds of applications that enter, companies will pursue candidates to be called interviews. Usually, they scan using keywords. For example, if a company remembers a candidate for an economics degree and has an internship experience abroad, then they will immediately search by that category. Then make sure you include ‘S1 economics’ and ‘internship’ or ‘internship abroad’. If you are active in a religious or sporting activity, and the activity is not related to the job you are applying for, do not include it in your CV. This can be considered excessive and irrelevant to be included in the CV.

However, for example, the job you are applying to is a public relation at a charity and you have experience in a similar field, that means it should be listed. Recruiters will be tired of hearing if you explain that you are very good at Microsoft Office. All the workers in modern times today must have the skill. So stop to boast of your skills in using Microsoft Office. If you work in the software development industry and apply for a job as a software developer, Microsoft Office skills may be needed. But if Microsoft Office skills are just as normal skills to complete your routine work, you should not need to write.

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