Restoration for Concrete of Buildings after Fire

Reinforced concrete can generally be repaired after a fire. A common procedure is to measure the extent of damage occurring to reinforced concrete elements. This procedure is what a restoration company such as the fire restoration company that you can find on will do to your house which has been damaged by a fire.

The first thing to do in the process of measuring is to check the influence of fire on the concrete structure. The color of the concrete may change due to heating; therefore the color can be used as an indication of the maximum temperature that has occurred and the length of fire equivalent. The effect of steel from rising temperatures and cooling has also been widely studied. For hot rolled steel, generally, its strength recovers at a time after the cold returns. If the temperature rise does not exceed 600 ° Celsius, above this temperature there, will be a permanent decrease in the steel melting strength.

Given these two things, the measurement of temperature achieved by the element of concrete structure in the event of a fire becomes a very important thing. Since we can not know directly how the temperature is achieved and how long the time is, we try to get these estimates from various approaches, such as visual observation, local testing, and load testing.

Then, the color of concrete after the cooling process helps in indicating the maximum temperature experienced by the concrete in some cases, the temperature above 300 ° C resulted in the change of the concrete color becoming slightly reddish. This occurs because of the presence of iron salt compounds in the aggregate or concrete sand.

Then, a test for the steel reinforcement should also be done. Some concrete iron samples can be drawn from existing structural elements. With note do not harm the structure. A laboratory test for melting strength, tensile strength, and elongation and compare with SII standard for iron in the class. It can be concluded that the deterioration that has occurred in the iron concrete. It is recommended to do some tests on various classes of damage.

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