Selecting Watches Based on Hand Shapes

Are you planning to buy a watch but do not know which one is suitable You can follow some tips below. But before, visit our website on to get a wide selection of watches to suit you.

– Small Wrist

Users watch with small wrists should choose a watch with a small strap and also small bezel because in general, a small wrist is identical with a thin person. Avoid wearing watches with wide straps and big bezels.

– Large and Fat Wrists

Users of watches that have this type of hand, avoid using strappy watches and small bezel. Because watches like that would be seen drowning in your hands. Instead, choose a medium to the long wrist strap, the material is not too thin, and bezel hours of medium to large size.

– Muscular Hand Form

Muscular hand shape will fit with a sporty and masculine watch model. Avoid the use of stainless steel or chrome clock, bracelet, and cloth. Because it will look not comparable with the valorous form of muscular strength.

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