Several Causes of Leaky Roofs

The roof is one important part of the structure of the house, and most of the tile-roofed houses have zinc, and asbestos as the material of the roof. The house roof serves as the protection from external danger such as dust, heat, and rain. If there is a leak on the surface of the roof, it will interrupt the activities of those inside the building, and if the leak is not immediately fixed, the leaking roof would unfavorably damage the ceiling as well. As the result, the support of the roof, especially those in the wood materials, will rot and also result in other problems. Thus, it is better to call a roofing contractor in this Regional Directory Nashville to help you fix the problem as they know better about the causes of the leaks that they will also know the most suitable treatments to fix them.

Any type of roof has a weakness in terms of resistance from the extreme weather. Here are some of the factors that lead to a leaky roof:

– The installation of the roof which is not good can be the cause, for example, the roof or roof tiles which are too sloping, a messy preparation of the tiles, some parts of asbestos perforated or ruptured as a result of a nail,
– Roofing materials that are less qualified, so easily broken or cracked exposed to extreme weather events, for example, the heat which is too hot,
– Some parts of tile or asbestos which can be easily cracked by falling hard objects. Moreover, a few tiles, the heating process of which is less than perfect are so pervasive and easy to crack.
– The dough is not good on the rooftop, resulting in seepage and leakage, if left it would adversely affect the wooden roof truss.
– The use of the wooden frame is not good as it is easily weathered and does not hold the load of the roof, causing cracks and broken tiles.
– The rupture at the connection between the roofs to the walls cause by the plaster which is not good due to the dough.
– A leak in the gutter which results from various types of causes.

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