Type of Back Pain

Back pain is a pain or stiffness that can be felt throughout the spine, from the base of the neck to the coccyx. Symptoms can be pain coming and going and tend to worsen in the night. For you who want to know more about back pain, visit diettalk now. Back pain can be triggered by an unhealthy posture when sitting, standing, or bending. This condition can also be caused by the effects of lifting objects that are too heavy. Back pain is usually not caused by serious things and can be treated only by continuously moving and taking painkillers. However, in some cases, it can be very torturous and unbearable pain to hamper daily activities.

Lower back pain is the most common type. A study shows that cases of low back pain occur in many women and those aged 40-80 years. However, other back pain can also be felt throughout the spine, from the neck to the pelvis. Here are some types of back pain based on the cause and location of the pain:

– Frozen shoulder, the appearance of pain and stiffness in the neck.

– Sciatica is a pain due to irritation and pressure on the sciatic nerves that cause numbness or tingling that spread from the lower back through the buttocks to the sole of the foot.

– Whiplash, a neck injury from a sudden collision.

– Ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic inflammation that affects the spine, precisely in the area between the spine and pelvic meeting.

– Slipped disc, when the backbone joint disc is damaged and ends up pressing nearby nerves

– Back pain that has no specific or unknown cause. Some medical conditions are suspected to be a trigger back pain, namely arthritis disease.

Without visiting a doctor, back pain will generally improve by itself within 4-6 weeks. But if the pain does not go away and is unbearable, you can consult the doctor. Diagnosis is necessary to determine the cause and determine the necessary treatment.

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